With Christmas fast approaching, you may have a Christmas Session booked in. But, what should your children wear?

Most importantly, kids need to feel comfortable. So if they prefer trousers, don’t put them in a dress! Unhappy kids make unhappy pictures.


Make sure the colours are complimenting in their outfits and try and avoid anything with big logos. I always think it’s nice with a Christmas theme shoot, to either go white or pick a nice festive colour like red or green. Wear something a bit special. Think of what sort of outfit you would wear Christmas day rather than just an average day.


There are so many lovely outfits on the high street to choose from, so, here are some of my favourites




NEXT have some wonderful kids clothes at the moment. How beautiful is this vintage looking dress, with beautiful Christmas pictures. They have a couple of varied patterns in this style.

For both boys and girls, why not consider a Christmas jumper. Next have some fantastic ones.




H & M


They have a lot of gorgeous outfits, perfect for your Christmas minis.


Choose from some lovely red dresses. My favourite colour and such a festive colour.


Alternatively, choose a white or soft colour. Tulle and sparkle – a perfect match!



For boys, they have a range of lovely shirts and jumpers. I love this one.




I love the vintage feel of this dress. This would work wonderfully with the White Christmas room theme this year. You can also get it in soft pink.





They have this fantastic value dress at the moment. £11 !!



For the window shot, I always think its nice that little ones wear pyjamas, and you can get some fantastic Christmas ones at the moment


Digital Background by Tara Mapes


No matter your budget, there is something suitable for you on the high street. And, if you are really struggling, I do have a few outfits that your children can borrow.

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