Life seems very different at the moment with the Coronavirus lockdown. Understandably, many mums-to-be may be feeling anxious about the current situation, especially with the government announcing that pregnant women are in the vulnerable group for the Coronavirus. Hence, I thought I would collate all the information I can find for help and support during this time in Surrey. This information is current as of Friday 27th March, but it may change, so, it is worth checking individual facebook pages for further information.





HOSPITALS – The maternity wards

During the current coronavirus lockdown phase, the local Surrey hospitals have issues the following advice.


Royal Surrey Hospital


Effective immediately:
– No partners are to accompany women to Antenatal Clinic or for Ultrasound Scans. Free pictures will be provided but you will not be able to face time or record the scan

– Please disregard any automated texts you may have received stating your SCANS are telephone only. Please continue to attend for booked ultrasound scans as normal. Obstetric and midwifery clinics where possible will be moved to telephone appointments.

– They have created a ‘drive-thru’ outside St Lukes where essential checks for blood pressure and bloods can be done quickly without bringing you into the hospital if you are otherwise well and have had a telephone appointment.

– All attendees to clinic appointments will be questioned regarding their health & wellbeing on arrival and be asked to have their temperature checked. Raised temperature or refusal to have a temperature check will result in you being asked to return home and reschedule your appointment.

– All attendees to the Maternity Unit are asked to come alone unless in labour or for induction of labour. This includes Planned Assessment appointments, triage and postnatal ward attendance. Partners can accompany you to the door if you need assistance but should then be asked to wait in the car/outside.

– One birth partner only can attend in labour and for induction of labour. They must be well and not displaying any symptoms of cough and/or fever – if they are, they will be asked to leave. This partner cannot swap or go in & out during your labour and will receive a wristband identifying them as your partner.

– No partners will be allowed to stay overnight

– There will continue to be no visiting for siblings and we ask that partners only visit once per day to reduce the amount of people in the Maternity Department.

– They will be implementing a system for rapid discharge home after birth for well mums and baby’s.

Amy Stubbs the Head of Midwifery will do a live update at 5pm tonight, 27th March to answer any further questions and offer reassurance.



St Peters Hospital & The Abbey Birthing Centre



Anyone worried about symptoms and are experiencing pain, bleeding, or in labour, your waters have broken, you are worried about your babies movements or any other pregnancy / postnatal concern please call their pregnancy advice line on 0300 123 5473.

If you have an outpatient appointment and are symptomatic please contact them to discuss before attending the maternity unit.

Additional information

• You will not be able to bring anyone with you to any of your face to face appointments, scans or check ups
• You can have one birth partner for your labour and immediate postnatal period only. They will be unable to accompany you to Joan Booker ward or stay with you following the birth of your baby on Abbey Birth Centre or Labour Ward.
• There will be no visiting at all on Joan Booker ward including children / siblings



Frimley Park Hospital



If women attend for a labour or triage assessment, birth partners will need to drop women at the hospital and wait off site. If women are found to be in labour and ready for admission to Labour Ward, birth partners can be called to attend then.

Birth partners are permitted to stay a short time after the birth, to spend some time as a family, and to undertake some skin to skin contact if wanted and appropriate, so please be reassured by this.

Women who come in for an induction of labour to the Antenatal Ward, will be able to call their birth partners in once they are transferred to the Labour Ward.

Birth partners are permitted to attend with women for their elective caesareans. Birth partners will transport women to the hospital for their electives and then will be asked to wait off site. Women will then contact their birth partners to attend prior to the operation. Unfortunately there are no facilities for waiting on site.

Mothers are able to visit their babies in the Neonatal Unit. This has been restricted to only mothers in order to reduce the number of people entering this ward.

If you require additional supplies whilst you are in hospital with us, birth partners can drop these supplies at the door and staff will help you pick these up. When you are ready to be discharged, staff can help you pack your belongings and help transport you, your bags and your baby to be picked up outside the ward.

If women and babies are well and without complications following birth, we will aim to discharge them when clinically safe and appropriate. Please be patient whilst we work hard to do this as safely as we can.

All of our new regulations have been put in place in line with national guidance and to keep you, your babies and NHS staff safe.

The midwives will continue to be there to support and care for you and your baby throughout your stay.





Antenatal Groups



Many of the antenatal groups are still running during the Coronavirus lockdown, although by virtual means. Check out the following companies offering online services.


Mummas and Beans Woking 

Online Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Course. by Birth-ed 





Support groups for pregnant woman during the Coronavirus



The Luna Hive have set up a support group for all pregnant women during this difficult time, with the current Coronavirus lockdown. Register at the following link


Podcast. The birth-ed podcast opens up conversations about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenthood, with the UKs leading women’s health experts- from Midwives to Obstetricians, Doulas to Activists. The birth-ed podcasts sets out to leave you feeling fully informed, confident and positive about what this journey might entail.




Virtual Exercise classes for pregnant women in Surrey

Although, we are currently in Coronavirus lockdown, exercise is certainly still important for mind and body during this time. Why not consider doing a streamed fitness or yoga class.

Virtual antenatal classes with Busy Lizzy 

Pregnancy yoga classes by my little bubble

Fitness classes by Maternally fit 


Baby or Nursery Equipment



If you still need to buy any items for your nursery, or hospital bag, please take a look at The Baby Service who are still delivering to their customers.