Useful information about your session

Where is the studio?


Photography sessions take place in my studio in Pyrford, West Byfleet

How long does the session take?

A  maternity session takes an hour. During this time, I allow for 2 outfit changes and 2 different set ups.

A newborn session takes between 3-4 hours.  The session is baby led and each baby is different, so some may need more time than others for feeding, or even a cuddle.  I only plan one newborn session per day, so the session is not rushed.

A sitter/baby session takes an hour. During the session, I aim to photograph two set ups, although this is dependent on the child.

Do you provide the outfits and props for the sessions?

In all sessions, I supply the outfits, props and accessories.  However, if you wish to bring something of your own to include in the photographs, please do bring to the session.

With regards maternity sessions, I supply the outfits and can offer you the opportunity for you to have your makeup done by a professional makeup artist at an additional cost of £40.  Otherwise, you can just do your own hair and makeup at home as if you were going out for the evening.

When is the best time to have my session?

Maternity sessions are best done between 28-36 weeks pregnant.

Newborn sessions are best done during the first 14 days.  At this age your baby tends to be sleepier and having just been born, are able to get into some of the positions more easily.  However, I have done newborn sessions up to the age of 5 weeks before, so it is possible to do when they are slightly older.

Sitter/Baby Sessions are best done when they are able to sit unaided but not yet walking, so around 7 -10 months old.

What do I need to prepare for the photoshoot?

For a newborn shoot, I would advise you if possible to feed your baby on arrival.

I ask parents to try and interact with their babies for 1-2 hours prior to the session, so the babies have been stimulated and more likely to fall asleep. Perhaps give them a bath or massage.

If you wish to have photos taken with your baby, I would advise you to wear neutral colours with no big patterns or prints.

For a maternity shoot, you are able to book a makeup artist for a small amount, however, if you do not wish to, I would suggest doing your hair and makeup as if you were going out for the evening.

For a sitter session, I would make sure your child has had a good nap or rest beforehand, so they are not tired and full of energy for the session.




What happens at the shoot?

During a maternity session I aim to use 2 set ups and 2-3 different outfits. All sessions have a pre consultation, so that we can discuss any particular requirements you may have. If you wish to have your makeup done with a professional artist before the session, this can be arranged.

Newborn sessions normally start  with the newborn wrapped as this tends to settle them and help encourage sleep.  A variety of props and accessories will be used and creative techniques in posing your baby to provide beautiful images which show your baby at their best. I always work around newborns needs during the sessions. During the shoot the temperature of the room does get quite hot, so that your baby will be warm and comfortable when bare skinned. During the shoot you can sit back and relax and watch me at work.

A sitter/baby session involves 2 set ups during the hour.  I have a couple of outfits that you may wish to use, although you can dress your child in your own clothes if you prefer.

Once a session is booked, a pre consultation will be arranged, so we can discuss your session in further details and any requirements you may have.

Are you trained and qualified?

I am fully trained in newborn photography and I am one of only a few photographers who have attained a newborn safety certification with the Masters of Photography Association.  I also have a licentiate qualification with both the Masters of Photography Association and the Society of Portrait and Wedding Photographers. I am first aid trained.

What should I bring to the shoot?


For a newborn session, I would advise you to have your baby ready in a sleep suit with no vest, so that it will be easier to get the baby undressed for the shoot and less disturbance for them.

I would advice you to bring the following:

Baby Milk, if you are bottle feeding


Any sentimental blankets or items if you wish these to be include in the images

A change of clothes for your newborn and you

A dummy if you use one

For a maternity session, I do have outfits that you can use.  However, please do bring your own if you prefer.

What happens after the shoot?

Approximately 10 – 14 days following the session, I will invite you back to the studio for your viewing session.  Here we will go through your images and you can decide on what you would like to purchase. Please bring all the decision makers to this appointment as this session is designed for you to place your order.

I do not believe in any pressurised sell, and only wish you to purchase what you love.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I do. Your payment can be broken into 3 monthly installments, with your first payment of 50% of the total amount of your order done at the viewing.


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