You aren't the cheapest, so why should I choose you?

When you book a photography session with me, you will not only have an amazing experience, but will receive beautiful & timeless images. I have had extensive training in maternity & newborn photography and my images reflect this.

I have won many awards for my work, including International Newborn Photographer of the Year 2019 with the Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

Based on my knowledge and continuous training, I believe I am good value and will provide you with stunning images to cherish forever.

Where is your studio?

My fully equipped and comfortable garden studio, is at 4 Tanglewood Close, Pyrford, Surrey, GU22 8Lg

Do you offer payment plans?

I offer payment plans if you wish to purchase a collection.  Your payment will divided into 3 monthly payments.

Will my images be private?

Images are not used on social media or in any other publications without your approval.  


Do I need to bring any outfits to the session?

I have a wide variety of dresses and wraps for you to use.  Before the session, we will have a consultation to discuss styling.  However, you are more than welcome to bring an outfit if you wish.

Can my partner or my other children attend the shoot?

Partners and children are welcome to attend the session.  I would advise they come at the end of the shoot, so they do not have to wait around whilst you are having your makeover and individual pictures taken.


When is the best time for a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are best taken in the first 2 weeks.  Babies tend to be sleepier and more curly and relaxed at this time.

When should I book my newborn session?

I can only photograph a certain number of newborns each month.  To gurantee availability, I advise clients to book after their 20 weeks scan.

My baby is already born. Am I too late for a session?

Although, the ideal time to undertake a newborn session is in the first 2 weeks, sometimes this is not possible.  I have photographed newborns up to 8 weeks before, so, please still get in touch if your baby is older.

What iF my baby will not settle during the session?

All sessions are baby led.  I will work with your baby and make sure the session is calm and relaxing.  I have had many years photographing newborns, so have experience in settling newborns. Your newborn’s safety & comfort is my top priority. 


Do I need to supply the cake?

Unless you prefer, or your child has an allergy, I supply the cake for all cake smash sessions.  

My child has a food allergy

If your child has a food allergy, I ask that you supply the cake for the session. This is just an extra precaution.


You do not have to have a cake for the session.  If you prefer, we can have a birthday celebration using fresh fruit or maybe you want to consider a milk bath?


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