Being pregnant during the Coronavirus has its challenges. Over the last few weeks, there has been a spike to the National Childcare Trust’s helpline, as many mums-to-be, are more anxious and worried about having a baby during this difficult time.

As we move into the fourth week of the UK lockdown, it can be difficult to keep calm and relaxed, as there is so much uncertainty at the moment.  But, here are some tips and advice to help you get through your pregnancy during this time.





Virtual Antenatal Classes


Being pregnant during the Coronavirus lockdown, does not mean you have to miss out. Many Antenatal classes are now being run online.  Dealing with the unknown can cause anxiety, so these classes are perfect.  Everything about the birth, preparation, breathing techniques etc are covered in these courses, so its definitely worth a look.  Through education, you can take back control .


Birth-ed offer virtual classes and also have a podcast you can subscribe too, that covers pregnancy topics and has guest speakers including midwifes and doulas. 



Distract yourself with reading, listening to music & watching films


With us all having so much time on our hands, it’s a good time to relax and take care of yourself.  Spend time reading a great book or watch that box set on Netflix that you have always wanted to watch, but never had the time.  Why not pamper yourself whilst watching that new film!

One thing we can all take from the virus, is that it has made us slow down.  Try and keep positive and think about all the things that you can do now that you have the time.  Why not try a new hobby or start a new project, like creating a photobook with all those photos you have lying around. Time is no longer an excuse.

What about baking or cooking.  Now’s a great time to make freezable meals, which you will be grateful for, once the baby arrives. 



pregnant lady exercising - maternity photographer surrey



Stay active throughout your pregnancy.


It’s still important, even in lockdown, to keep fit.  Many antenatal fitness classes are running virtually, so, you do still have access to a variety of workouts.  Or alternatively, with the nice weather, get out for a walk.  Choose a time and a place to avoid lots of people, and go and get some fresh air.  Being outside does wonders for your mental health and wellbeing.




Do some nesting


Now’s the best time to get organised for the arrival of your baby.  Creating order in your life can reduce anxiety.  So make a list and work on all those things you needed to do. What better time than now? Prepare your new baby’s bedroom. Organise yourself.



Learn Relaxation and Breathing techniques


Not only do they help anxiety, but, they will be useful techniques to use throughout labour.  You can get some fantastic apps, for example, Calm, which includes short meditation sessions.





Look after yourself


Being pregnant during the Coronavirus, especially in lockdown, its so easy to comfort eat and binge on bad food out of boredom or frustration.  However, it’s more important to keep healthy during pregnancy. Check out my article on healthy eating here




Turn off the news

Don’t watch too much news

During this time, we all want to stay informed of the situation, however, hearing too mich about the number of deaths each day, can be a cause for increased anxiety, and pregnant women do not need any additional stress.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists publish up to date information for pregnant women and are a reliable source of information.  However, its worth mentioning that although pregnant women are in the at at-risk category it’s purely precautionary and there’s no evidence they’ll suffer worse symptoms if they get the virus. 



Connect with others


With the lockdown, you can have moments where you feel isolated and lonely. However, use Facetime, Zoom, Skype or other platforms to speak to your friends and family. Just seeing their faces can brighten your mood! Have a good old chat and keep the virus off the topic of conversation!



Alternatively, there are numerous support groups out there for pregnant women. Why not sign up to one of the facebook groups and start chatting with women in the same situation.


So, in this difficult time, I hope this has given you some ideas of ways to focus your time during your pregnancy. I would love to hear from anyone who is expecting during this time or has recently had a baby, as, I do believe by chatting and sharing thoughts and advice, we can all help each other out. Please do leave a comment with your thoughts.