The 5 Best Mum Blogs-Real Accounts of Motherhood

The 5 Best Mum Blogs – Real Accounts of Motherhood 

Social Media is such a big part of everyone’s lives these days.  I always seem to start my day looking at my facebook and instagram accounts, to see what has been going on. It is such a source of information, so great for new mums, as it has everything from local facebook mum groups, to classes and tips. But, I also love reading blogs. What I love about the various mum blogs out there is their honesty.  The real accounts of motherhood The things all mums want to hear! The reality. Here are my favourite 5 best mum blogs.


The Mummy Adventure


The Mummy Adventure, is an award winning blog documenting the adventures big and little that being a parent entails. Written by Bex, it documents her life with her four children.  She talks travel and kids fashion and is certainly one to read!

The Unmumsy Mum


This is one of the best mum blogs. I love the frankness of this blog. Written by Sarah, she started this blog after becoming disillusioned with the other parenting literature she found online.  Everything seemed to show glossy, rose tinted view of parenting, and she wanted to show the day-to-day reality.  She talks about a range of topics from the ‘Off Days’ we all have to the top 5 really useful baby products.



In The Play Room

Written by Anna who lives in London with her 4 children, this blog shares great ideas about playing, learning, days out and life with young children. She also have a great printable section on her site to help mum’s keep their children entertained!




Sparkles and Stretchmarks


Sparkles & Stretchmarks is a blog documenting family life in all it’s glory – from the beautiful picture perfect moments we all love to the inevitable downsides that we’re not so fond of.


Hayley, the writter,  believes that talking is the best therapy and so the blog is where she does this. Her aim is that the blog is intended to be a space to reach out to like minded mummies of young children, fellow anxiety sufferers, and busy women of the modern age! 


Family Fever

 Another blog from a mother of 4.  This blog started as a place to record, photos, stories and memories of her children as they grow up, but it soon became a place to share experiences and learn from others. It contains everything from reviews, chats and guest posts from other bloggers.


Which of these best mum blogs do you think you will read?

I hope you find these blogs useful.  I would love to hear back about the blogs you use or find useful, so we can share this information, so please do comment below.

Being a mum is amazing, but it does have its constant challenges. By talking and sharing our experiences, whether they happen to be good or bad, is certainly what we all need! It makes us feel human, especially in those time of frustrations or needs.


Don’t forget to document your motherhood journey, whether that is booking in with me for newborn photos or a motherhood/family session. Please get in touch by completing this form. 

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  • Joanne

    I love the unmumsy mum blog – she always makes me chuckle

  • Kathryn Hill

    Great blog Natalie! I’ll have to have a read of these, i tend to follow them on instagram but haven’t followed the blog posts so far

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