The Cost of a Newborn Photographer – Why is their such a price range in the market and what am I paying for?


So your searching in goggle for newborn photographers in your area, and you get bombarded with a wide number of different options, and the cost of a newborn photographer varies. The field of newborn photography has grown, and there are many newborn photographers out there, however, what are you paying for? Price is certainly a big contributing factor when a person is looking for a newborn photographer, and more and more frequently, you hear about the person down the road offering the session and all files for £50. Hence, why should I pay £399 for your lowest package? Please never just look at the price.  Have you thought about whether they are qualified, insured, what safety training they have, what service they provide etc.  Here are just some questions to consider.

  1. Newborn Training

Anybody, can pick up a camera and claim to be a newborn photographer.  However, have they had specific training?  Is your baby being put at risk by an untrained photographer.  It is vital that a photographer has newborn training, not only so that they know how to pose the newborn in a safe manner, but, so they are working in the correct environment, have the right equipment, editing skills etc.  At Natalie Moss Photography, I have undertaken many training sessions, with some of the best worldwide newborn photographers.  I am constantly continuing to attend training sessions, as you can never stop learning.  The cost of a newborn photographer will probably vary depending on their training and experience, I bet it is likely that those £50 photographers, don’t have much experience, may provide unedited images and don’t offer the service you should expect to receive.


2. Experience It is important you choose a newborn photographer with experience.  You need someone who has worked with many babies and is experienced in soothing and posing babies.  I have worked as a specialist newborn photographer for several years and have that experience needed to put parents at ease. I was awarded the 2019 Newborn Photographer for the Year with the Masters of Photography Association for the South Region and I am in the final for the 2019 Newborn Photographer of the Year with the SWPP.



3.Newborn Safety

Most people wouldn’t just hand their baby over to a stranger, so its no different with a photographer.  Just because they claim to be a photographer, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.  Make sure your newborn photographer is experienced in the safety element of newborn photography.  The Masters of Photography Association have a safety certification that I have been awarded, and I am only one of a few in the country that have this certificate.



4. Service.

Service is key.  Its not just about the pictures, but about the service and experience you receive, so, please take this into consideration when thinking about the cost of a newborn photographer. You don’t want someone that rushes you, doesn’t give you the time and is rushing as the next client is due to arrive.  I make sure the experience of a newborn photography session is a joy from the start.  Before the session, I ask all clients to complete a questionnaire about colours and what they like, so that we can tailor the session to their needs.  I only offer one session per day, as I do not want to rush anything and each session should be calm and relaxing. Following the session, I professionally edit the images and invite clients back to the studio for a viewing session, where, I can help them choose their order and answer any questions.


So, as you can see, choosing a newborn photographer is not just about price.  Its important that your baby is in good hands, you receive a good service and beautiful images from the session.  Before, you book purely on price, have a think about my suggestions. I do believe you get what you pay for!!

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I always think its important at the start of a new year, to reflect back over the previous year. A photographer friend of mine, who is a newborn photographer in St Albans, has written a review of hers and its made me realise, I should do this soon.


  • Selina cotton

    This has got me so excited for Christmas!! Your sessions sound amazing

  • Brooke

    Training is so important, not only for the look of the final images, but also the safety aspect. There is such a range in prices, but as they say, you get what you pay for!

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