Tips for eating healthily during pregnancy

As a newborn photographer in Surrey, I meet many pregnant and new mums. Being pregnant is an amazing experience, but it can take its toll on your body. It’s important to look after yourself well during this time and eat healthily.

1. Don’t eat for Two

This was me. I used my pregnancy to eat whatever and whenever I wanted. My diet wasn’t the best and I craved anything sugary. Until the final trimester, you don’t need to consume any extra calories. At this stage, you need an extra 200 calories only.

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2: Choose Slow Release Foods

Try and eat low GI foods that release energy slowly. For example, multigrain or granary bread, brown rice, potatoes and wholemeal pasta.
Too much sugar will give you energy spikes, which will eventually make you feel sluggish and tired.

3: Make sure you eat breakfast

It’s important to have a good breakfast at the start of the day. It can also help ease morning sickness by boosting your blood sugar levels and is likely to stop you overeating later in the day. Dry toast can help if you can’t stomach much food.

4: Stay active

Keeping fit during pregnancy is very good for you and your baby. There are many sports dedicated to antenatal activities such as yoga and swimming. Surrey has a wide range of antenatal classes. Why not take a look at for local classes. I also have written several blogs on this subject. ‘Different Ways to Keep Fit During Pregnancy

5: Drink plenty of fluids

Your body needs extra fluids during pregnancy. Water is the best choice, but if you need to mix it up try to avoid sugary drinks like coke. Calcium is great for you and your baby, and can help with cramps, but when drinking milk, choose semi-skimmed, not full-fat.

6. Eat small and often

I suffered really badly with heartburn during pregnancy. Its quite common, so, try and eat more frequent smaller meals to help. Also eating small and often can help with nausea and sickness and help with sudden pregnancy cravings.

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