What to expect in your newborn session / Newborn Photographer Weybridge, Surrey

When you book a newborn session with myself, we always have a pre-consultation to discuss the session in further details and how we can tailor the session to your requirements, We talk about styling, colours, props etc, as all clients are different in what they like.

I always plan my newborn photography sessions in my Surrey studio very carefully.


I have numerous props that can be used during a session. I ask clients to look at my website gallery and give me an indication of the props they like before the session, so I can include these.  However, this is not set in stone, and if during their session they see something they like in my Surrey studio, I will always adapt a session to include these.  All my props have a natural/organic feel, as I never want a prop to over power an image and distract from the main focus of the newborn.


2. Wraps and Outfits

I have a vast number of wraps and outfits of all different colours.  To help clients with styling their session, I have created a colour palette chart, for them to view and decide their favourite colours. I can then style and plan the session accordingly. I tend to favour softer/more muted tones of colour, rather than bold and bright as feel these suit newborns better.



3. Blanket Shots

During a session, I always do natural shots, where we use a beanbag to undertake these timeless images.  I often do these nude, however, I do use wraps and outfits if parents prefer.


4.  Parent Shots

I always finish a session with parent shots.  These are the ones you newborn will cherish when they are older!!!  If a parent is not that keen, as I totally understand some may not feel like having pictures taken when they are tired and just had a baby, we do images using their hands holding the newborn, or we do silhouette shots.




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