What was your biggest achievement in 2018!















So yesterday, at a Christmas social event, I got asked what my biggest achievement of 2018 was.  It got me thinking, as like most people, your so busy with work and family, you never get the chance to reflect back and think about things in more detail.  This week, I was also given a book which spoke about mindfulness and having time for reflection, so I decided to think about what was my biggest achievement in 2018.

I suppose the biggest achievement was gaining my Licentiate qualification with both the Masters of Photography and the Society of Photography for my newborn photography work.  Much time and energy went into the 20 image panel that I had to submit, along with a full working profile, so I was delighted when I passed in January.  In 2019, I hope to achieve the next level of qualification, being an Associate, and look forward to the challenge it brings.

The other work achievement I am most proud of, is the number of awards I have won for my photography this year, being around 15 in total.

So when you get the chance, take some time to think about what your biggest achievement was of 2018 and what you hope for in 2019.

Further examples of my work can be viewed at https://nataliemossphotography.co.uk




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