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Choosing your babies name is fun and exciting.  However, if you are anything like my husband and I, it wasn’t an easy task.  All the names I liked, he didn’t and vice versa.  Some names reminded you of people you knew from school, which perhaps made you think twice about a name. Maybe you want to name your child after a family member or some people even consider celebrity names. Anyway, for those that had babies in 2018, did your little ones name make the most popular names of 2018?  I certainly had several newborns in my studio with some of these names. Here they are:

The top boys names for 2018:

  • Oliver: Latin, meaning ‘olive tree’. The UK’s most popular boys’ name in several recent years.
  • Harry: Old German, form of Henry, meaning ‘home ruler’. Famous Harrys include Prince Harry, Harry Potter and One Direction singer Harry Styles.
  • Jack: From the Hebrew John, meaning ‘God is gracious’. The UK’s most popular boys’ name for 14 years  until fairly recently.
  • Reggie: Sometimes, names that look or sound similar hang around for a while. In 2018, names that start with R-  or Th-  will be big winners for boys. We love Reggie, a cute name meaning ‘counsel power’.
  • Reuben: A Hebrew name meaning ‘behold a son’, another name set to be popular in 2018.
  • Theo: A cool-sounding baby name meaning ‘divine gift’. Names beginning with Th- are set to be popular for boys this year and this is a cute choice.
  • Thiago: Pronounced ‘chee-AH-go’, this unique baby name means ‘supplanter’ and is set to rise this year.
  • George: Greek, meaning ‘farmer’. Chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their son, born in July 2013, and third in line to the throne. If you’re looking for something a little different, how about Giorgio?
  • Noah: Hebrew, meaning ‘peaceful’. In  the Bible, Noah is said to have  built an ark to save two of every animal from a flood that covered  the earth
  • Jacob: Hebrew, meaning ‘he who supplants’. Ancestor of the tribes of Israel in the Bible. Cute nicknames include Jacob, Jaco and Jago.
  • William: Old German, meaning ‘strong- willed warrior’. Famous Williams include Prince William, playwright William Shakespeare and rapper Will.i.am.
  • Charlie: Old German, meaning ‘free man’. Popularised by Charles the Great (a.k.a. Charlemagne). Prince Charles is heir to the throne of England. Charles Dickens was one of the finest and most enduringly popular English authors.
  • Henry: Old German, meaning ‘home ruler’. There have been eight Kings of England named Henry, and in the unlikely event that Prince Harry found himself on the throne he would become Henry IX.
  • Muhammed: Arabic, meaning ‘praiseworthy’. Acknowledged as the prophet and founder of Islam. The name is extremely popular in large parts of the world. British runner Mo Farah is the Olympic and world record holder for the 5,000 and 10,000 metres.
  • Tom: As we approach 2020 (can you believe it?), keep an eye out for names from the Roaring Twenties. Tom looks set to have a revival, a cute traditional name meaning ‘twin’.
  • Llyod: First world war names look set to be popular again this year, so how about this cute baby name meaning ‘grey’.
  • Finn: A lovely Irish baby name meaning ‘fair or white’ predicted to rise this year.
  • Atticus: Meaning ‘from Attica’ this is a trendy name, popular with To Kill a Mockingbird fans.
  • Arthur: Whilst there looks to be a spike in popularity for names that aren’t technically human, such as Bear, if you’re still looking for something more traditional, this cute baby name, meaning ‘bear’ has been around for years.
  • Logan: Meaning ‘small hollow’ this traditional Scottish name is growing in popularity.

The top girls names for 2018:

  • Olivia: a Latin name, meaning ‘olive’. Olivia has featured in the Top 10 names for girls in England for several years now, including at number one.
  • Sophia: a Greek name meaning Wisdom; wise.
  • Amelia: a Greek name, meaning ‘industrious’. Famous Amelias include flying legend Amelia Earhart, and two Princess Amelias of Great Britain during the eighteenth century.
  • Emily: a Latin name, meaning ‘rival, eager’. Emily Dickinson is one of the most well- known poets of the nineteenth century. A very popular name choice in recent years.
  • Ella: a German baby name, meaning ‘completely’. Now becoming a name in its own right, Ella is traditionally a shortened version of Eleanor, Elizabeth and Ellen.
  • Ava: Latin, meaning ‘like a bird’. Famous Avas’ include Ava Gardner was an iconic American actress during the 1950s–1970s.
  • Meghan: With a royal wedding on the cards, this beautiful name is predicted to grow in popularity. Originally a Welsh name meaning ‘pearl’.
  • Mia: An Italian baby name meaning ‘mine’, set to rise in popularity this year.
  • Jessica: a Hebrew baby name, meaning ‘He sees’. A popular name over several decades, cute alternatives include Jess and Jessie.
  • Isla: a Scotish Gaelic baby name meaning ‘river’, set to be popular in 2018.
  • Isabella: 2018 is set to be a royal year, with a wedding and royal baby number three on the way. Isabella, a Spanish name meaning ‘pledged to God’ definitely has the royal seal of approval.
  • Ada: a name with plenty of feminist connotations set to be popular in 2018, meaning ‘noble’.
  • Matilda: In 2018, names that end in – a or have a – v sound will dominate for girls. One of our favourite, more unique baby names following this pattern is Matilda, meaning ‘battle mighty’. Cute nicknames include Tilly.
  • Evelyn: Following the trend mentioned above, Evelyn looks set to be popular. A beautiful name meaning ‘wished for child’.
  • Ivy: A botanical baby name that has risen in popularity since being chosen by Beyonce for her first child, Blue-Ivy.
  • Emmeline: Another feminist name set to rise this year, an old French name meaning ‘work’.
  • Nora: Following the trend in baby names ending with an -a sound, this cute choice is a traditional Irish baby name meaning ‘light’.
  • Aurora: A more unique Latin baby name, meaning ‘dawn’.
  • Victoria: Another royal baby name to celebrate a royal year, with an elegant feel to it, this traditional name means ‘victory’.
  • Emma: Never far from the top of most popular baby name lists, Emma does not seem to be going anywhere yet. A traditional name meaning ‘universal’.
  • Luna: A Latin baby name meaning ‘moon’ that has been rising in popularity over the past few years. A cute choice for Harry Potter fans!

I wonder what the top names of 2019 will be and whether the name of the royal baby due next year will make it on the list!

If you had a baby in 2018 called Oliver or Olivia, please get in touch through my facebook page, to be in with the chance of winning a photography session.


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