When looking for a newborn photographer, have you thought about the safety element?














The safety of your newborn is the most important element of any newborn photography shoot.  Over the last few years, the newborn photography genre has grown tremendously with newborn photographers popping up everywhere – there are so many to choose from now, but how do you go about doing so?

All of us are drawn to a certain style of image.  Some people may like styled shoots, where others may prefer a more natural approach.  However, even though when searching for a newborn photographer you need to think about style, the first question you should be thinking about is SAFETY.

Your photographer needs to be trained in the art of newborn photography.  Too many times, I see videos on the internet, where newborn photographers are putting the baby at risk.  Knowing that they are qualified and properly trained is a MUST.

Please never book a photographer for your newborn photos just on price.  There are other considerations to think about:

  • What training do they have? Ask to see details and certificates
  • Are they trained in newborn safety ? Everything they do from handling your newborn, to posing them should be done with safety in mind.
  • What experience do they have? Are they just starting out, or have they photographed many babies before?

During a newborn photo session, your baby should be made comfortable at all stages.  Different babies are happy with different poses, so if a photographer tried a pose that your baby is not happy about, they should move on to something new.  No image is worth a baby being upset for!

As a Surrey Newborn Photographer, safety is so important to me, I stopped being a mobile newborn photographer and decided to work just from my home studio. This way, I can control the environment  – everything from the optimal temperature of the room to the safety of the equipment.

Last year, I gained the Newborn Safety Certification award from the Masters of Photography Association.  I want parents to feel comfortable during the session that their baby is in safe hands.

If you would like further information about a newborn photography session please email info@nataliemossphotography.co.uk or call 07723 605 302.

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