Why I love being called a ‘Memory Maker’

As a Surrey Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer, I get the delight of photographing so many pregnant mums-to-be, newborns and babies. I help create their memories.  Whether that’s reminding them how fabulous they looked whilst pregnant, to the tiny little baby that has now grown up, or to their baby’s first birthday –  I capture special memories – I’m their ‘Memory Maker’.

I love photographs. They capture special moments in time.  At any time, you can look back at those photographs and be transported back to that time and memory. From a young age I was fascinated by photographs.  I could sit for hours at my grandparents and look at all their old images they kept in a suitcase.  That’s why I now have a beautiful vintage suitcase filled with images.

My favourite images are framed and take pride and joy in my home, but, even the ones that aren’t, are kept for me to look back over and reminisce.  I look at the baby pictures of my two children who are now 12 and 14 and I remind myself of the fun journey we have had with them whilst growing up.  These pictures will become heirlooms for them in years to come.

One of my all time favourite photographs is of me with my grandparents.  They meant so much to me, but sadly are no longer here.  Seeing this picture everyday brings joy and wonderful memories. It also makes you realise how precious your loved ones are and just how valuable these photographs become.

So, print those pictures.  With the world of technology we live in, many of us have so many images on our phones.  But, how many of you print them out?  I’m also guilty.  I had had a variety of phones over the years, and as I didn’t print them out, I have lost many a valuable memory.  That’s why with all my shoot packages, you will receive not only the digital files, but also, prints.  Something tangible.

I recently, undertook a maternity and newborn shoot for this one client.  She wanted images of her pregnant with their son to be able to show her daughter when she grew up.  She then came back for the newborn shoot and had the little girl photographed.  How amazing that she will be able to show all those photographs to her daughter when she is older.  What a special memory for her.  Here are a couple of the images from the session.






























So, let me be your ‘Memory Maker’ and book in for a maternity, newborn or even family session.  For further information email info@nataliemossphotography.co.uk

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