Why you should consider a maternity photoshoot: letter to a mum-to-be, from a mother of 2

I am a mother of two teenage children but, despite my life-long love for photography, I never had a maternity photoshoot when I was pregnant.  

A maternity photographer in Weybridge not having a maternity session? WHY? – You might be thinking.

Pretty simply… There wasn’t really anything like this available at the time!

And boy, do I regret it. I would have LOVED a maternity shoot.  


pregnant lady with flowing blue wrap by Surrey Newborn Photographer


I speak about pregnancy and the wonders of it, but, there were times when I felt fat, uncomfortable, swollen and definitely not glowing.

If you had mentioned a maternity shoot to me then, I would have just laughed at you and answered NO WAY.

Would I have regretted this – YES!

Your body changes in pregnancy, and you should celebrate this.  What is more magical than carrying a little baby.  

I weirdly miss being pregnant.  The bond you have with your unborn child.  I wish I had celebrated this moment.

Pregnancy is beautiful.  Whether you have swollen ankles, water retention……  

If I could have escaped for a few hours, to be pampered and made to feel a goddess, how amazing would that have been.

Make sure you get pampered, feel fabulous and celebrate motherhood.


Yes, I remember things about my pregnancy.  The cravings, the sleepless nights trying to get comfortable, the weird shapes on my belly when my baby kicked.

But with my kids 14 and 16, they are a distant memory.

I have nothing tangible to look at and remind myself of this amazing experience.

I have vague memories, but, how special would it be to look back over photos of this magical time.

Make sure you capture these moments, as 9 months goes quickly, you will miss your bump in a strange way and trust me everything  becomes a distant memory.

pregnant lady in black bodysuit holding her bump by Surrey Newborn Photographer


I have photographs of my children when they were babies, but I don’t think I have any pictures of myself pregnant.

It’s like that chapter is missing from the story.  

It would be lovely to show them pictures of me pregnant with them.  It’s part of their story.

Motherhood begins with pregnancy. It’s the start of your story and also your child’s.

Don’t miss out!



You will have heard it all before, but life does pass so quickly.  

I look at my two teenage children, occasionally with a little sadness, that they are no longer my little ones, and each day they build their own lifes and need me less.

I want to hold on to those memories. 

I want to remind myself of the best feeling in the world – becoming a mother.

Hands down, it’s the most amazing and rewarding  experience in the world.

So celebrate it!  Capture the story where it starts – your pregnancy!

As a maternity photographer in Weybridge, my makeover maternity shoots are designed for you.  

Both myself and my makeup artist work with you to make you feel special.  

Our aim is to make you feel at ease and relaxed in front of a camera, and with the use of styling and lighting, to flatter your pregnancy form.

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