Are you pregnant and worried about the birth, breastfeeding or any other concerns.  Why not then consider attending an antenatal class.  Its been 13 years since my son was born, but even today, I am still friends with my antenatal class. Not only do these classes provide you with the information mums to be want to know, but its great socially to meet mums expecting at the same time, so you can share experiences and be there for each other especially when the little ones arrive.

The Daisy foundation dispels the fear of birth one positive movement at a time!

An active antenatal class, which is designed to dispel the fear of birth, is having a positive impact on pregnant women all over Woking, West Byfleet, Chobham and Surrounding Areas.

Daisy Birthing – one of the Daisy Foundation Social Enterprise programmes, anchors antenatal education to a woman’s breath, body and movement, which has helped mothers to be turn their negative perception of birth into the positive experience they never thought they could have.

All birth choices are supported and classes educate women not only about active birth but also relaxation, medical inductions and interventions, to promote a more positive pregnancy, enabling women to prepare for birth.

The classes aim to promote a more enjoyable pregnancy, taking women through yoga based flowing movements which help with common problems including carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn and swollen hands and feet. Classes can be adapted for women of all shapes and sizes, and for those with pregnancy-related medical conditions.

Choice, confidence and community are The Daisy Foundation’s underlying values and local women whether you attend classes or not also have access to information through the website on everything surrounding birth and babies so they can make informed decisions.

Daisy focuses on how the woman feels, whether she chooses a natural birth, a planned caesarean section or wants to use pain-relieving medication.

Claire Sandhu local Daisy Teacher says “As a Daisy Birthing® teacher, I am able to offer unconditional support to mothers-to-be from 14 weeks pregnant until the birth of your baby.  No matter what your preferences are, or whether it’s your first or subsequent baby, my aim is to support you in your journey and provide you with unbiased information so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your baby.  Not only that but this is done in a unique way by preparing both mind and body, providing you with confidence for your baby’s birthing day.”

Birthing classes are just a small part of what The Daisy Foundation has to offer women and their birthing partners.

For more information about classes in Woking, West Byfleet and Chobham areas, contact Claire Sandhu, on 07715453000 and

For those that sign up to one of Claire’s antenatal classes, you will receive a complimentary maternity session if you book in for a newborn photography session.