Behind the scenes of a newborn photography session with me…

Behind the scenes of a newborn photography session with me…

So you are thinking about a newborn photography session for your baby.

With lots of photographers in Surrey, offering a range of styles, pricing and products, you are spoilt for choice.  So many questions to think about and lots to consider.

How do you make the right choice?

It’s a once in a lifetime experience.  Your baby is only that tiny for a short time.  Trust me, with two teenagers, I can tell you just how quickly time flies!

If you are going to invest in a photographer, surely you want the best?

This post will show you just what happens in a newborn session and all the things you want to know

WHERE IT ALL BEGINS (a.k.a. the studio)

You may have read that all newborn photography sessions should be normally be done during the first 2 weeks of age

But why?

Firstly, after two weeks babies are a little harder to settle and things like colic and baby acne can start to flare up.

Also, after this stage, the baby’s spine also starts to straighten up, making it much harder to capture all the curly poses you have seen in my images.

‘How can I possibly get out of the house and go to a studio for a couple of hours’ you might be thinking, when I haven’t even got a moment to get myself showered or dressed.

Here’s the good news: as a specialised newborn photographer, my studio is built with mums (and families) in mind: I want to recreate that safe, warm and relaxing environment for your session.

I have a comfy sofa for you and the dad to relax on, whilst I work my magic with your little one.  Hot and cold drinks are available, and the studio contains a bathroom.… everything has been laid out to give you a stress-free, enjoyable once-in-a-lifetime experience.


If you have seen my website or social media accounts, you will see a range of poses.

newborn photography session surrey


I aim to create a variety of images within your gallery, so, even before the session begins, we would discuss styling, colours, etc, so I can tailor the session to your requirements.

Normally, if your baby is asleep when you arrive, I would start the session with the images on the beanbag,like the first and second image.

To prepare for this, I will undress the baby down to their nappy and then wrap them up in their blanket to keep them warm.  If they are unsettled, and have had a feed, I would swaddle them, as babies love this, and it is a quick way of getting them settled and sleepy.

As the session progresses you will see me get a few different shots from differing angles and distances, using a variety of matching colours and props.

At all times, you will see me checking for cues telling me that the baby is comfortable, safe and happy.. This allows me to immediately perceive even the tiniest change and adapt my workflow to your little one’s needs. For example, Their temperature is constantly checked, as the studio needs to be at an optimum temperature for them. If a baby suffers from reflux or colic, I will work with poses that avoid them lying flat on their backs

… and of course, if a top-up feed is needed, there is plenty of time to take care of that.

This is what we call a “baby-led” session.

I don’t only rely on my instinct and experience as a mum and in the studio with this, I also train regularly with top photography mentors.

It’s important for me to stress that although there may be certain poses and props you wish me to use, I will do my best to incorporate them, but, some newborns don’t like being in certain poses, and I will never put a baby’s happiness before any picture!


Your newborn photography session also includes parents and siblings poses, where applicable.

You may not feel like being in the images.

Trust me, a picture of you with your baby is the most precious gift you can give them. 

Besides, there are creative ways to include you in the images, without having to stand directly in front of the camera smiling.

How about we use your hands.  Or why not consider side profile silhouette shots.

For example, one of the most requested images from clients is you holding your newborn and we shoot just the hands. This is the image that won me the Newborn Photographer of the Year 2019 with the SWPP.


Regarding Siblings, it’ s beautiful to incorporate them in the session, however, I advise they attend at the beginning of the shoot, as it can be a long time for them to sit around waiting for the session to be completed. Often, one parent takes them off when all the family and sibling shots have been done.  However, please do not worry if this is not a possibility.  I have a TV with child friendly programmes for them to watch.


Once the photography session is finished, we will arrange a date and time, usually around 2 weeks later for you to come back and have a look at your beautiful images.

Your viewing and ordering appointment is as important as the session, because this is where your photos become “real”: we will take all the time you need to look at your gallery and personalised slideshow and choose which products and packages suit you best.

Whether you love the idea of a piece of wall art, want an all inclusive collection, or simply some digital files, I will help you find products that your family will treasure forever.

You are not obliged to buy!  There is no minimum spend, you just buy what you love!!

Want to know more about newborn sessions at my studio?

Five Pregnancy Apps Every Mum-To-Be Needs

Five Pregnancy Apps Every Mum-To-Be Needs

As a maternity photographer in Surrey, I get to meet lots of pregnant ladies.  Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but if you are anything like me, I had so many questions surrounding my pregnancy.  I had books for everything; week by week overview of the development of my baby, baby names, pregnancy health and so on.  However, now days, the information is readily available on the Internet.  Even better, there are so many pregnancy apps available that are free.  So, here are my recommendations for helping answer all those questions.

Pregnancy apps

My Top 5 Recommended Pregnancy Apps

1. Baby Center

What a fabulous app.  It has everything you need to know. Not only does it have everything you might want to know during pregnancy, it covers newborn, baby, toddler and pre-school advice.

I especially liked the following from this app:

  1.  The fun Bumpie section where you can save all your favourite bump pictures
  2.  The baby names section where you can search up the meanings of names, names beginning with a certain letter or even the most popular names this year
  3. You can input your baby’s due date and start tracking your baby’s growth
  4. The articles are fabulous and cover topics like labour and birth, hospital checklist, morning sickness remedies, food and nutrition ideas.
  5. The most important thing ever, a contraction timer!

This app is extremely easy to use, free and is a wide source of information. Definitely worth a download!

2. CineMama

This app allows you to make a video of your pregnancy. Anyone who has ever watched Tom and Giovana Fletcher’s cute growing bump video will want to download this app. Throughout your pregnancy you take pictures of your bump and then you can turn your photos into a video and add your own soundtrack.  What a great fun way to document your pregnancy.

3. Ovia Pregnancy

This is an app purely for pregnancy.  You start this app by putting in some information including your estimated due date and your babies nickname so that you can follow the journey of your baby’s development over the weeks.

I especially liked the following from this app

  1.  The visual illustrations of your baby’s development, with an overview week by week of their growth
  2. The calendar that allows you to write notes and track doctors appointments
  3. The community section where you can view discussions on pregnancy topics or ask questions to other mums-to-be
  4. Medication and Food safety look up – helpful to see whether a medicine or particular food is safe to have
  5.  The baby names section where you can search up the meanings of names, names beginning with a certain letter or even the most popular names this year
  6. Kick counter and contraction counters
  7. Articles and videos

4. Kegel Trainer

Pelvic Floor exercises are so important to do during your pregnancy, but, with busy lives, we all have a tendency to forget.  This app will give you discreet reminders throughout the day. With ten different exercise sessions to work through, all between 30 seconds and three minutes long, this is one app to help you get your body ready.

5. Sprout Pregnancy

This is another app purely for pregnancy, although they do have other apps in their brand for when you have had the baby, for example, Sprout Baby.   Like the other 2 apps, they chart your pregnancy, however, I would say they perhaps this  pregnancy app does not offer such a wealth of information, but there are some nice features. Be warned though it does have some in app purchasing.

I especially liked the following from this app

  1.  With the Next Generation 3D Interaction in the app, you can see lifelike interactive movements, kicks, and heartbeats for a realistic representation of what’s happening right inside your growing belly.
  2. A pregnancy journal to record thoughts and moments in your journey
  3. A personalised pregnancy timeline
  4. The Doc says section which gives an overview of what a doctor would say at that stage of your pregnancy.

So these are my recommended 5 best pregnancy apps, but there are so many others out there.  Not only do we have apps for pregnancy, but now days there is a wealth of information out there including books, social media sites and magazines.

Check out my top 10 recommended books for expectant parents here



So your once-tiny baby is about to turn one and… you made it through the first year of parenting!

I remember how those 12 months felt! A whirlwind of incredible emotions, sleepless nights and nappy-changes, sprinkled with so many memorable “firsts”: first night at home, first baby-bath, first smile, first word, first unsteady steps…

Isn’t it the most incredible time?

So this milestone needs a special celebration, and I am here to help!

I have created a list of 5 fun ideas and things to do in Surrey to celebrate your baby’s first birthday.

Ready? The countdown is on!


Nothing better than spending such a special day with the people you love, so how about a party with friends and family? 

Your baby won’t remember this event, so make sure you take lots of photos that you can use to make an album for them to look back over when they are older.

Perhaps have a theme for the party or, if your little one is a summer baby, why not having a bbq instead?  

Whatever you decide is best for your family, Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration for party themes, decorations and games – even if you are on a budget.  


Planting a tree is an idea many of us discard if a garden isn’t in the cards just yet… but trust me, you don’t even need outdoor space! 

You can start with something smaller than a tree, like a plant, and watch it grow over the years with your child, as it becomes an important special feature in your garden. 

Alternatively, what about going one step further and planting a flower that will bloom the month of your child’s birthday. 

Take a trip to your local garden centre for practical advice on what is best to plant in your garden.


Has your little one been to the sea or maybe the zoo?  

What about a farm?  

There are many places to visit around Surrey and London.  

Here are some of my favourite farms in the area. 

  • Bocketts Farm – Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9BS/Telephone: 0101372 363764
  • Hobbledown Adventure Farm – Horton Lane, Epsom/Telephone: 01372 848 990


Why not create a memory box including all the special items you have collated over the first year of their life and include some items that are relevant to the current time?

You could even include a newspaper bought on the date of their first birthday and some photographs you have taken during these 12 months. 

And don’t forget to include a letter written to your baby, you can even get your partner involved: think how special it would be to include a letter written every year on their birthday, which they get to read when they are 10 or maybe older. 

Little Things by Lucy creates the most gorgeous personalised memory boxes.  Check out her details here



Sure, phones are great to snap a few shots at home, but for something as special as a first birthday you want to take it to another level and have a professional portrait or first birthday cake smash done with a professional local photographer. 

A Cake smash is such a fantastic and fun way to celebrate this special 1st birthday milestone, with photographs you will have to cherish forever.

As well as capturing the fun cake part, you could even add some family portraits done at the beginning, and if you prefer the idea of a sugar-free option… don’t forget about fruit smashes!

Check out further information about a cake smash here


So whether you book a photoshoot or plant a tree, remember this special time and make sure you take plenty of photographs to document this memorable milestone.  Your little one wont remember their special day, so photographs are the perfect way to re-live this day in years to come with them!

For further information on my cake smash sessions or family portrait sessions, please visit


Black and white image of new baby - baby photo sessioon



If you are planning on booking a baby photo session, and having some beautiful professional photographs taken, you want to make sure you get it right!


Ideally, the best age to have a baby photo session is within the first 14 days after birth. Generally at this stage, your baby is very sleepy and still flexible enough to be photographed in those cute little poses.  For me, I like photographing babies from day 6 onwards, as it gives breast-feeding mums a chance to establish feeding.

However, I am not one of those photographers who refuse to photograph any baby over 14 days.  Sometimes, it is not always possible to bring the baby within the first 14 days.  You may have an extended hospital day, mum may be recovering from a caesarean and can’t drive…etc…  So, I tend to allow up to 4 / 5 weeks for the baby photo session.  

With the Covid pandemic over the last year, I found with the constant closing and opening of the studio, I had many babies come for their session up to 8 weeks, and being an experienced photographer who has worked with may babies and ages, they all received gorgeous images of their baby!

It’s important to stress, that to capture your baby photo session within the first 14 days, you need to ideally pre-book your session.  This will guarantee availability, as I only book a certain number of due dates per month to allow room in the diary should your baby not arrive on their due date – which is so common as only 5 percent of babies arrive on time!

So, to answer the question of what is the best age to have a photo session, I would try and get your session booked in the first 14 days, however, please do not worry if this is not possible, as I guarantee we will still get nice pictures!

To find our more about my newborn baby photo sessions, please take a look at my newborn page here

Thinking about booking a newborn baby photoshoot but worried that your baby won’t settle?

Thinking about booking a newborn baby photoshoot but worried that your baby won’t settle?

You are on goggle searching for ‘a newborn baby photoshoot near me’ to capture those treasure first moments of your baby’s life, but are worried that your baby might not settle? Or have other concerns?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Newborn Baby Photoshoot near me


A newborn session is a relaxing and enjoyable experience

I have many years experience working with newborns, and know many soothing methods to help your newborn settle.  All newborns are different and I always work around your baby’s needs and schedule.  That is why I offer you exclusive use of the studio for the day: there is no time limit or stress.  

Rest assured, I have always provided clients with beautiful galleries. Besides, if your little one really is unsettled and really wont settle, I am more than happy to try again a couple of days later at no extra cost.


Many parents worry about this, but trust me, this is part of the job, and I’m lucky to get through a shoot without being covered in something!  This is why I only use props and wraps that are fully washable, so that they can be cleaned and sanitised after every session.


The first question you should be thinking about when searching for ‘a newborn baby photoshoot near me’ is the SAFETY ELEMENT.  Too many times, I see videos on the internet, where newborn photographers are putting the baby at risk.  I am fully qualified and trained in newborn photography and have years of experience specialising in this field. Your baby’s safety is paramount to me during the session! Please check out my recent article on What questions to ask when looking for a baby photographer


I know the feeling!  Lots of people find it difficult to stand in front of a camera.  That’s why I offer alternatives.  If parents are hesitant, I will do baby in hand shots, or silhouette shots, so that parents are not having to look directly at the camera.

Newborn Baby Photoshoot near me in Surrey


Definitely not!  You are not obliged to purchase anything. Prior to a session, I will send you my pricing guide, so there are no hidden costs.  You only buy what you love!  I also offer payment plans.

If you have any questions regarding a Newborn Photoshoot or want to learn more, then please contact me here