One of the first questions I ask clients in their pre-consultation is what their goals are from the session? What are they hoping to get from the session and how do they want to see the beautiful images I produce in the next 5 to 10 years.  Do they want everyday to smile as they walk past a beautiful framed picture on the wall in their house or do they want to sit down in the future with their child and show them the beautiful images in a lovely Italian album.

Why do I ask this question….. Because pictures matter!!!  They remind us how precious life is but how quickly time passes.  Photographs are a part of our legacy. We can share them with our family and we can pass them down to our children.

That’s why, Simply Newborn Photography offer a selection of beautiful handcrafted products to showcase your beautiful images.  Most people when they get married have a wedding photographer and often end up with an album to remind them of their amazing day – I’ve been married 15 years and still love getting the album out and looking at memories of my wedding day – so why not do the same with your children – have some beautifulimages taken of your newborn/baby and have them displayed in a way that these images become a legacy for your children.

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