One of my new years resolutions was to write a blog and with February fast approaching, I thought it was about time I started.  So here we go…

This blog is not just going to be about my work and the beautiful newborns/babies I get too meet and the world of newborn photography, but I also want to make it a place where I can blog about businesses who run antenatal/postnatal activities in Surrey.

Newborn Photography

Firstly, lets talk about newborn photography.  Over the last few years, there has been a massive rise in the number of newborn photographers.  So for anyone thinking about having precious pictures taken of their newborn, can I please please please ask you to consider the following – NEWBORN SAFETY DURING A PHOTO SESSION.

Over the last few weeks, I have witnessed several videos put online from supposedly newborn photographers who are putting these precious newborns in the most awful positions without safely protecting their heads and necks.  Anyone can claim to be a newborn photographer as there is no universal newborn photography qualification, so what do you need to look for when booking that newborn photo session:

Ask about qualifications and training.

Does the photographer have any training in newborn photography?  Do they belong to any associations? Always make sure they are fully trained in newborn photography.

At Simply Newborn Photography, I have trained with some of the best:

-Melanie East from The Art of Newborn

-Russ Jackson at Russ Jackson Photography

-Kelly Brown at Little Pieces Photography

Additionally, I am fully trained in First Aid and a member of the SWPP.

Props and Poses

Never let a photographer put a newborn at risk just to get a shot. I have had clients turn up with images on their phone of some of the poses they would like me to do, however, are unaware that this pose may not be safe and natural or is actually a composite and is made of two images.

It is important that a newborn should never be left unattended whilst in a prop.  A parent should always be spotting next to the baby. Weights should be put in any props that may fall over, for example, buckets. Additionally, a newborn should never be put in any pose where it does not look comfortable and as all newborns are different some may not like certain positions. A photographer should never force a newborn into a position.

At Simply Newborn Photography, I have trained in a variety of newborn poses and how to carry these out safely.  With regards the use of props, I have learnt how to composite images, (2 images put together) so for example, in a bucket, the newborns head will be supported by the parent and then removed in post editing.


Finally, the studio should be a safe environment. Always make sure its clean and warm and above all no risks are ever taken for that ‘perfect shot’.

Melanie East, from the Art of Newborn, who I trained with, has just written a book on newborn photography and a fantastic article on the Safety Element of Newborn Photography.  I would highly recommend you take a read