As discussed in a recent post, it is important to keep fit and healthy during pregnancy, and Yoga is a fantastic option with physical and mental benefits.

I got to meet Faye from  Body Soul Yoga in Walton on Thames, Surrey, which is a small and friendly Yoga centre.  She spoke to me about the benefits of Yoga and why it is important to go to a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher.  You can watch some Podcasts and Videos of her classes and relaxation sessions at

What service do you offer?

Body Soul Yoga Surrey is a small, friendly Yoga centre.  We teach yoga to groups of all ages and abilities, from beginners, to expert yogis and athletes.  We teach to children in schools, pregnant ladies and those recovering from injury and illness.  We run classes and private sessions if you prefer. Everything is tailored to the needs of you, as an individual, and although we like you to push yourself we also invite you to be kind to yourself and stop at the variation that suits you.  We also teach yoga therapy; our speciality is in lower back and core care.  Particularly helpful after pregnancy and to ensure the health of the lower back.  We also teach meditation and yoga Nidra/relaxation and Pranayama /breath work.

Where are you located?

We are based in Walton on Thames, near the river.  We have a small yoga space ensuring that our classes are intimate, no more than 9 people.  We have wooden flooring, discrete lighting and a warm location.  Smaller classes mean that you get individual attention, adjustments if needed, ensuring your safety and that you are aligned.  You also get to know the other students as you buy a block of classes and you will see the same people for the six week block. Hopefully that will mean you feel comfortable in the group and make friends.

How long have you been doing your job and what made you get into this profession?

I have been practising yoga for around 16 years. I was initially a city lawyer but after having kids realised what was important in life!  I retrained as a yoga teacher, training with the British Wheel of Yoga, gaining my  teaching diploma in 2011; and started teaching part time, whilst still being a lawyer. Five years ago I became a full time yoga teacher and set up Body Soul Yoga.  I have such freedom now and I’m loving it.

What do you love most about your job?

I love working for myself.  I love the fact that I get up in the morning and look forward to seeing all of my clients and teaching, and know that they will leave class feeling better than when they arrived! And most of all I have more time to spend with my family.

How do mum to be/mums benefit from your services?

Mums-to-be can attend our pregnancy yoga classes on a one-to-one basis, or set up their own group, or attend our restorative classes that are suitable for pregnancy. We will teach postures to ensure the baby is in the optimum position.   Breath work can ensure that you are relaxed before the birth and afterwards, and breath work can also help you with the birth itself.  The relaxation at the conclusion of the class will ensure that you get a little bit of extra TLC and a yoga sleep to restore and re-energise you.  Yoga is also proven to enable you to sleep better.

If you had to give one piece of advice to expectant mums/mums regarding what you do, what would it be?

Your body is amazing and it’s important that you trust your body and allow yourself to enjoy the birth.  It’s also important to look after yourself first. That will mean that you can then look after your baby and your partner.  Your health is the most important thing in life. Yoga will make you stronger, healthier, more mindful of your body and will help you trust your instincts; making not only the birthing process easier but what follows a breeze.  Yoga enables you to be physically still and to still your mind, improving your ability to deal with your whole family and whatever life throws at you.

Why is it important to go to a British Wheel of Yoga Qualified teach?

To become a qualified BWY teacher you have to study kinesiology and anatomy, yoga philosophy, the history of yoga, as well as developing and teaching lesson plans focusing on those with different abilities, injuries and medical issues.  You also have to undergo 3 practical teaching exams and pass those before you are let loose on your students!  Qualifying also takes around 3 years including the foundation course and then the diploma. It is one of the only yoga schools to be recognised by Sport England.  And once you qualify you also have to obtain a first aid certificate and insurance.  I have also trained to be a chaperone for Surrey County so that I can teach children.  It is a long path but so worth it.  So before you decide on your yoga teacher make sure they are qualified, how long they have been teaching and who they qualified with.  Some teachers only teach one or two classes a week.  You need to find someone that lives and breathes yoga and who has taught over a long period of time and who has numerous classes and experience.

 Finally, how do we find out more?

You can give Faye a call on (07837) 343251 or check out the website We’ve also got some free videos and Podcasts if you want to see examples of our classes and relaxation sessions.