One of the things that baffled me when I was expecting, was what do I really need! There are so many newborn and baby items out there, what are the essential items.

The next questions is not only what items do I need, but with so many different brands, which is the right one?

There are so many different bottles, prams, cots, formula milks….the list goes on, so where do you begin.

That is why, I would advise you to attend an expectant event at Mothercare. During this event, you can get some expert advice on what you will need and there are normally discounts available during this evening. The store in Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey will be holding their events on the 22nd February and the 1st March.  To book visit


I will be at the event as Simply Newborn Photography, to showcase the beautiful newborn photography that I offer.

So my advice is to attend one of these events, and get the help you need to begin preparing for the arrival of your little one.