A newborn photo session allows you to capture the precious first few weeks with beautiful images that allow for treasured memories. This blog covers when to book, how to choose a photographer and what to expect during a session.

 When to book a newborn session?

I just wanted to mention that many mums wait till they have had their baby before they start thinking of photographs.  My advice would be to book after you have had your 12 week scan to guarantee a session.  A photographer will provisionally book you in a date the week after your due date, but this is flexible, so don’t worry if your baby arrives early or late. The ideal time to photograph a newborn is between 6-12 days,  so book in advance and you don’t have that last minute panic of availability.

How to choose a newborn photographer?

There are many newborn photographers out there, so how do you go about choosing the one for you.

Newborn safety is the most important element during the session, so I would advise that you pick a photographer who has been trained specifically in newborn photography. Ask about their qualifications and consider whether they are part of any associations.

I would then suggest you look at their websites and social media sites, as all photographers have different styles and would showcase their recent work on these sites.

At Simply Newborn Photography, I have been trained by 3 of the best worldwide newborn photographers – Melanie East from BabyMe Photography, Kelly Brown from Little Pieces Photography and Russ Jackson from Russ Jackson Photography. I am also  a member of the SWPP Photography Association. I promise your newborn will always be in safe hands during the sessions.

Finally, I wanted to mention pricing.  Please do not book any photographer just based on their price. Low pricing may be attractive, but you may not receive a highly qualified, highly experienced photographer with high quality products as a result.

Preparation for the Simply Newborn Photography Shoot

Being a new parent is tiring, so if you book a session with Simply Newborn Photography, I want to make a newborn session a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  Hence, I do not want to put any extra pressure on clients by expecting certain things for them to do in advance of a shoot.  The only thing I would advise, is the parents wear something cool as the studio will get hot during a session.

 What happens during a Simply Newborn Photography shoot?

A newborn shoot takes approximately 3 hours.  I only book one session per day, so there is no rush. All newborns are different, so we work around them and take breaks when needed for feeding etc.

When you arrive, before we settle into the session, refreshments will be available.  The studio will be set up ready for the session and heated to the optimal temperature of 26 degrees and white noise will be played to help soothe and aid sleep.

Please do not worry if your newborn is not asleep when you arrive, as we will start the session regardless. If this happens, I will swaddle your newborn and begin with these images and normally, with swaddling the little one soon falls asleep.

A typical session begins with your newborn having pictures taken on a beanbag with a coloured backdrop blanket, then we  move to the props and ideally we use 2-3 props per session and then finally we finish with family shots.

During the session, parents can sit back, relax and enjoy watching me at work. Whilst using the props, a parent may be asked to assist as a spotter for a short period of time to enable safe practice at all times.

All blankets, clothing, wraps and props are provided by Simply  Newborn Photography.  However, if there are any sentimental  items that parents would like included in the pictures, they can bring them along.

One of the main things that parents often worry about is, what if my newborn pees or poops on the blankets or props. Please do not worry about this.  For the majority of the session, the baby will be without a nappy. Hence, the chance of an accident is high and expected.  This is why, I have a huge range of blankets, props, and wraps, so that we can easily change to a new set up, and all items used during a session will be washed following the session.

After the session

Following the session, a sneak peek of one of the images will be put on facebook.  However, if you do not want this to happen, then this is not a problem.  Finally, a week after your session, you will receive a password to access your online gallery.

I hope this has helped explain a newborn session in more details.