My children are now 12 and 10 and do you know the one thing I remember when they were born – the number of times that people told me to enjoy every moment, as before I knew it, they would be grown up!!

I laughed many a times at this, when I wished they wouldn’t keep my up all night in the first few week. When they were teething and in lots of discomfort. When they discovered everything they shouldn’t.  When they started crawling, the terrible two tantrums especially in the supermarket and the list goes on…. Yes, on several occasions, I wished the time away.

But its true… they do grow up so quickly, and so don’t worry about the little things – the sleepless nights will pass – just enjoy it for everything it is.

Being a mum is the best feeling in the world!!!

So why have a newborn photo session – not only to capture images of your newborn to cherish forever, but to take the most important image of them all – a photo of YOU with your perfect little bundle!!!

We all reminisce and photos are a fantastic way to look back in time and remember just how small your little baby was, but the photo of you with them, is the one photo that your newborn will cherish when they are older.  They don’t want to see images of themselves as a baby, they want to see a picture of what their mum was like.

I never had a picture taken of me with my two when they were babies as I made every excuse not too – normally had something to do with not looking my best, still carrying the baby weight… and the list goes on… but I regret this. Make sure you don’t!!

Make sure you book a newborn photo session and capture that image of you with your new miracle – it will be a heirloom and one that will be cherished for years to come.

Allow Simply Newborn Photography to capture that special photograph of you and your newborn.