These days, anyone can pick up a camera and claim to be a professional photographer.  However, when considering newborn photography this is a scary prospect.  Why would anyone give over their little precious bundle of joy to someone that doesn’t have the relevant training and experience.

Many people search on the internet for a newborn photographer, and may choose depending on location, price and style, however, how many of these people think to ask what relevant training and qualifications the photographer has.  I personally have seen some horrific videos online, where a photographer has put a newborn in a dangerous position or left their heads unsupported whilst doing certain poses.

Experience is vital when choosing a newborn photographer.  They need to be qualified and have the necessary training to know how to handle and photograph newborns.  All newborns are different and some babies may not be comfortable in certain poses, and a photographer must always take this into consideration.

Certain images may be composites to allow your newborn to be photographed safely.

As you can see from the images below, the newborn’s head is supported at all times and the parents hand is removed in post processing.

Not only have I trained with some of the best worldwide newborn photographers including Kelly Brown, Russ Jackson and Melanie East, I am one of only a few photographers in the UK that have been awarded the Newborn Photography Safety Certification by the Masters of Photography Association. (MPA).

I decided that I wanted my parents not only to receive beautiful images, but also be confident that their precious babies were in the safest hands.  To achieve this certification, I had to provide a detailed health and safety document that included sections such as studio temperature, sanitation, safe use of props and identification of circulation problems that can arise when posing a newborn for long periods of time. A risk assessment was also included. In addition to these documents, I had to to submit five prints of newborn babies together with ‘before-and-after’ shots to illustrate the safe support of newborn throughout the session.

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