3 Reasons why you should have a maternity shoot

Not everyone feels their best whilst pregnant, so why would you want to book in for a maternity session and be the centre of attention during this shoot?  I can understand this.  When I was pregnant with my second child I felt dreadful.  Suffered with sickness, nausea and severe bloating – you couldn’t even see what was my ankle, due to the extreme bloating. If someone had said to me about a maternity session then, then I would have thought they were mad?  But now, with my children being 12 and 14 years old, and reflecting back to my pregnant days, I would definitely say YES! I would LOVE to have had a maternity session.  So what changed and here are my reasons why.

1. Having a baby is so special. Your body is growing another being, your child.  Yes, you may not be feeling your best or worry about your body not looking the same, but let’s take a step back and think about the miracle of what’s happening.  This bump will change your life forever.  A new baby brings changes. Why not celebrate this.Surely, this deserves to be captured.

2. A maternity session allows for lifetime memories.  My children are 12 and 14, and I can’t remember how it felt to be pregnant.  I can’t remember how I looked when I carried each of my children.  By having a maternity session, you will never forget.  You will have images that will have captured this special moment in your life, so that you will have life long memories. How wonderful would it be, to get those images out in years to come, to show your child what you looked like when you were pregnant with them. How you really looked when they were in your tummy.

3. A maternity shoot is a perfect excuse to spoil yourself. A session dedicated to spoil you.  A makeup artist will make you feel your best and then you can wear a selection of gorgeous dresses which will make you feel a million dollars. Besides, once your baby has been born, you will not have much time to yourself, so take the time now to pamper yourself and a feel special.

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