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As a maternity photographer in Surrey, I get to make pregnant mums feel special.  It’s so important to take time during your pregnancy for yourself.  We all love to be pampered, so here are 8 ways to do this during your pregnancy!

1. Get a Pedicure

Often, pregnancy can cause swollen ankles and feet, so having a lovely foot massage and pedicure is the perfect way to ease away the strains.  Besides, by the third trimester, you may not even be able to see your feet!

2. Visit a spa or beauty salon

What a better way to relax then a day at a spa or even a beauty treatment. A massage is the perfect way to soothe your aching hips, shoulders, and back, especially during the third trimester. However, make sure that the masseuse is trained in pre-natal massage.

Glitterati Beauty Salon in Weybridge offer maternity massages and for treatments.  Details can be found at:


Alternatively, the Runneymede Spa, offer spa days, with maternity treatments available. Details can be found at:


3. Run a nice bath

Take a nice bath filled with some soothing essential oils.  Dim the lights and play some soothing music.  A great way to unwind, just make sure the bath water is not too hot.

4. Feel your best – join an exercise class.

Join a prenatal yoga class, or a group exercise class that is specifically designed for pregnant women. Alternatively, swimming is a great form of exercise whilst pregnant.

Konsana Yoga in the Medicine Gardens in Cobham, are just about to launch a new maternity class ‘Mumma and Bump’. Further details can be found at:


5. Get your hair done

Nothing feels better than a visit to the hairdresser to get your hair done.  After getting your hair done, why not arrange something special, maybe a nice meal out or a visit to the cinema.

6. Why not arrange a mocktail party

Celebrate your pregnancy by inviting your friends over, where you can drink alcohol-free mojitos, margaritas and daiquiris. Or maybe incorporate this into a baby shower party.

7. Dress up

Don’t be afraid to buy yourself a few new maternity outfits. Wearing something nice makes you feel special, and you certainly deserve this. Maybe consider treating yourself to a new accessory or piece of jewellery if you don’t want to buy too many clothes right now.A good excuse for a day out with friends and time for a nice coffee/lunch and catch up.

8. Book a maternity shoot

Celebrate the beauty of being pregnant with some images of yourself.  Book a maternity photographer. Have a makeup artist make you feel gorgeous before the shoot and then have some pictures taken to make you feel special and capture images that will provide lifelong memories.

Natalie Moss Photography in Surrey offer maternity shoots, which include a makeup artist.  For further details visit https://nataliemossphotography.co.uk/maternity-bump-photography-packages/ or call 07723 605 302.


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