Five pregnancy apps every mum-to-be needs

Five Pregnancy Apps Every Mum-To-Be Needs


As a maternity photographer in Surrey, I get to meet lots of pregnant ladies.  Pregnancy is such an exciting time, but if you are anything like me, I had so many questions surrounding my pregnancy.  I had books for everything; week by week overview of the development of my baby, baby names, pregnancy health and so on.  However, now days, the information is readily available on the Internet.  Even better, there are so many pregnancy apps available that are free.  So, here are my recommendations for helping answer all those questions.


1. Baby Center



What a fabulous app.  It has everything you need to know. Not only does it have everything you might want to know during pregnancy, it covers newborn, baby, toddler and pre-school advice.


I especially liked the following from this app:



– The fun Bumpie section where you can save all your favourite bump pictures


– The baby names section where you can search up the meanings of names, names beginning with a certain letter or even the most popular names this year


– You can input your baby’s due date and start tracking your baby’s growth


– The articles are fabulous and cover topics like labour and birth, hospital checklist, morning sickness remedies, food and nutrition ideas.


– The most important thing ever, a contraction timer!


– This app is extremely easy to use, free and is a wide source of information. Definitely worth a download!




2. CineMama

This app allows you to make a video of your pregnancy. Anyone who has ever watched Tom and Giovana Fletcher’s cute growing bump video will want to download this app. Throughout your pregnancy you take pictures of your bump and then you can turn your photos into a video and add your own soundtrack.  What a great fun way to document your pregnancy.





3. Ovia Pregnancy

This is an app purely for pregnancy.  You start this app by putting in some information including your estimated due date and your babies nickname so that you can follow the journey of your baby’s development over the weeks.

I especially liked the following from this app

  1.  The visual illustrations of your baby’s development, with an overview week by week of their growth
  2. The calendar that allows you to write notes and track doctors appointments
  3. The community section where you can view discussions on pregnancy topics or ask questions to other mums-to-be
  4. Medication and Food safety look up – helpful to see whether a medicine or partiular food is safe to have
  5.  The baby names section where you can search up the meanings of names, names beginning with a certain letter or even the most popular names this year
  6. Kick counter and contraction counters
  7. Articles and videos




4. Kegel Trainer


Pelvic Floor exercises are so important to do during your pregnancy, but, with busy lives, we all have a tendency to forget.  This app will give you discreet reminders throughout the day. With ten different exercise sessions to work through, all between 30 seconds and three minutes long, this is one app to help you get your body ready.






5. Sprout Pregnancy


This is another app purely for pregnancy, although they do have other apps in their brand for when you have had the baby, for example, Sprout Baby.   Like the other 2 apps, they chart your pregnancy, however, I would say they perhaps this  pregnancy app does not offer such a wealth of information, but there are some nice features. Be warned though it does have some in app purchasing.


I especially liked the following from this app

  1.  With the Next Generation 3D Interaction in the app, you can see lifelike interactive movements, kicks, and heartbeats for a realistic representation of what’s happening right inside your growing belly.
  2. A pregnancy journal to record thoughts and moments in your journey
  3. A personalised pregnancy timeline
  4. The Doc says section which gives an overview of what a doctor would say at that stage of your pregnancy


 So these are my recommended 5 best pregnancy apps, but there are so many others out there.  Not only do we have apps for pregnancy, but now days there is a wealth of information out there including books, social media sites and magazines. The best thing is when your little one arrives, there are new apps for you to look at and magazines at hand to suggest local things to do in your area.  Check out your local library for such magazines. For example, Lots for Tots North Derbyshire have a great magazine. and a fantastic newborn image on the front by talented Kathryn Hill Photography.



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