Creating unique pieces to use during my photography sessions for my clients

Before every session, I ask my clients to complete a questionnaire to help me to tailor the session to their requirements. We discuss favourite colours, and any particular props they have seen on my website gallery, that they wish me to incorporate in the session. I listen to their needs and requirements, and often this involves creating unique items for their sessions. There are many photographers in the market and so I like to create pieces that are unique for my clients, that can’t be found elsewhere. Here are some of my recent creations. Large Christmas Wreath I loved this project. This was created using a large weighted hula hoop that I found on Amazon. I then visited my parents garden to collect the foliage cuttings that I used to decorate the wreath. Carefully, I used florist wire to weave the foliage round the hoop to create a Christmas Wreath.

Cake Smash Photo shoot Set I have made several items for my cake smash sessions. One of my clients requested a lilac butterfly theme. As, I like my set ups to be quite simplistic, so they do not over shadow the child, I decided to make a simple set up using tapestry hoops. I purchased these from Hobby Craft along with some fluffy ribbon and a set of butterflies. This was the final look. Additionally, like the Christmas wreath, I have also created floral hoops for a cake smash.
Maternity Photography Shoot I love sewing. There are many beautiful maternity dresses out on the market, however, I love to create bespoke outfits. Here are 2 of my recent makes. There are some lovely fabric shops online (check out ebay) and also there is a fantastic road near hammersmith that is worth a visit.

Newborn Photo Shoot I have made several outfits for my newborn clients, although, I still need to learn to knit. I try and use flowers from my garden in shoots.
Upcycling This is my new found love. Unfortunately, I do not have a before image, however, this was a shocking pink chair that I found on Gumtree. Using some chalk paint that can be painted onto fabric, I went about transforming this into a vintage looking grey chair, which has been perfect to incorporate into my sessions.
Finally, a piece for myself. I found this beautiful item in a fantastic shop in Godalming. All proceeds go to charity, so its a great course. They do many a course in chalk painting etc. With the help of my daughter, we transformed this into my new desk where I can do my editing!!! I just love it! There are so many tutorials and suggestions on the internet for crafting, upcycling and sewing advice. Why not take a look and like me, get inspired.



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