Simply Newborn Photography in Surrey is awarded a Newborn Safety Certification















Simply Newborn Photography, Surrey have been awarded a Newborn Safety Certification by the Masters of Photography Association. (MPA).

With more and more photographers moving into the growing market of newborn photography, it is important that parents are aware that when they book a newborn photographer, they are booking someone that is qualified and aware of the safety elements.  On too many occasions, I have personally seen photographers posting the most horrific videos of newborn photography sessions where the newborn is  for example in a prop unsupported in a dangerous manner.

The Masters of Photography Association, are a leading body for professional photographers and so they created this safety qualification, to lead the way in setting guidelines and standards for professionals photographing newborn babies.

I decided that I wanted my parents not only to receive beautiful images, but also be confident that their precious babies were in the safest hands.  To achieve this certification, I had to provide a detailed health and safety document that included sections such as studio temperature, sanitation, safe use of props and identification of circulation problems that can arise when posing a newborn for long periods of time. A risk assessment was also ncluded. In addition to these documents, I had to to submit five prints of newborn babies together with ‘before-and-after’ shots to illustrate the safe support of newborn throughout the session.’

I am delighted to say that I am one of only a few newborn photographers in the UK that have been awarded this newborn safety certification.

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