Weybridge Newborn Photographer -what to expect when you book with Simply Newborn Photography

With many newborn photographers to choose from, what are their differences and why would you choose one over another.  Well, if you book a session with Simply Newborn Photography, what should you expect.

Anyone that contacts me to discuss a newborn session will be sent my newborn brochure.  This outlines many things about the session including what to bring to the session, what happens during the session, and pricing. Anyone that books a session, will also be contacted by me prior to the session to run through any questions and discuss any personal requirements.

On arrival, whilst parents are settling in, I will make them refreshments and we will discuss the session including preferred props and colour preferences before we begin. I want to tailor the session to capture the images that each client is looking for.

All newborn sessions are tailored around your newborn.  They are all different and some may be more alert or need feeding more than others. Hence, some sessions make take 2 hours and some up to 4 hours. I only ever book one session per day, to allow time for every client.

My style is very natural.  I use soft colours, often in earthy tones, and any props or outfits I use are there to compliment your newborn and in no way distract from them.

Simply Newborn Photography always ensures that during a session, your newborn is safe and no image is ever taken where your newborn is unsafe and put at risk.  I have undertaken several newborn photography courses and the safety element of any session is my main priority.

Finally, Simply Newborn Photography wants to create beautiful images of your newborn to cherish forever.  I promise you, as a mum of 2 children who are now 11 and 12, time passes so quickly, so don’t miss that chance to capture those memories!!


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